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Ensuring food quality and consumer safety

GS1 barcodes serve the industry by tracking the movement of products along the supply chain, from manufacturers to the final point of purchase.  Not only can barcodes help trace the origin of products, accurately capture and share essential and reliable product information such as expiry dates, they can also provide faster response to food recalls and outbreak of food-borne illness, because of the unique identifiers ensuring a more transparent food supply chain. As such barcodes have been widely adopted in food and food services industry worldwide to ensure food quality and consumer safety.

GS1 Hong Kong has launched a mobile app called Consumer Connect, which is a communications platform that helps food brand owners to provide trusted information to consumers through just one scan of the product barcode. It not only allows a new way of consumer engagement and interaction (e.g. digital marketing campaigns, extended product information, link to social media), but also becomes the key mobility component enabling the Value+ brand protection solution.

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