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Ensuring patient safety

The healthcare sector has already started to adopt GS1 barcodes to identify, capture and share information on medicine, surgical equipment and patient records, aiming to reduce errors and ensure patient safety.  

Applying these standards, from manufacturers and distribution centres to hospital wards, can help safeguard and optimise the management of the whole healthcare supply chain, ultimately bringing improved safety to patients. 


*GS1 Healthcare GTIN Allocation Rules updated!

To accommodate global new requirements, new regulations and new business processes that have come up in the last decade since the original Healthcare Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Allocation Rules were developed, the GS1 Healthcare GTIN Allocation Rules were updated and ratified and Release 10.0 of these rules was published in June 2020 and in effect immediately. The rules are designed to help the industry make consistent decisions about how to manage the unique identification of trade items, thus enhancing efficiencies and patient safety when all partners in the supply chain adhere to the Healthcare GTIN Allocation Rules.

Impact to stakeholders:

- Procurement and Distributors: Some existing products may be updated with new GTIN's due to the new allocation rules
- Manufacturers and Suppliers: Required to review if the updated rules have any impact to the GTIN allocation of the products, and communicate with affected parties.

You are strongly recommended to review your healthcare products if their GTIN are required to be revised based on the updated rules.

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Example business scenarios that require a new GTIN:

  • Single language products with different target market/country >>> new GTIN
  • When a language is removed from a multilingual package >>> new GTIN
  • Change in declared net content >>> new GTIN
  • Inclusion of a Certification Mark >>> new GTIN
  • …etc

To assist in understanding and applying the changes, GS1 has created several informative and interactive tools available for all stakeholders including an online Decision Support Tool.

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