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GS1 barcodes are used by almost every leading retailer in the world to reduce errors, costs and improve availability.


Companies need barcodes to sell products. Barcodes enable companies to uniquely identify their products, not just at the point of sale, but throughout the whole supply chain. Leading retailers worldwide have used barcodes to speed up checkout process and improve inventory management, enhancing supply chain efficiency with their suppliers.


In recent years, major e-commerce platforms have started to join their brick-and-mortar counterparts in mandating barcodes for products.



To help members fully exploit the potential of barcodes, GS1 Hong Kong provides BarcodePlus, a product and location information portal, on which members can assign GTINs to their products, manage product information including GTIN/GLN assignments, and keep them in online product catalogues to avoid duplication of barcodes. Members can also upload their product barcodes, descriptions and images to BarcodePlus product information repository, which is a single entry point available to their potential buyers and consumers around the world through web and mobile app. Check out BarcodePlus here.


In addition, GS1 Hong Kong’s ezTRADE, an efficient and proven B2B e-commerce platform, can help members digitalise and automate business workflow procedures in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messaging formats, to facilitate paperless trading between retailers and their suppliers.  To see how it can help, check here.


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