As demand spiked for household cleaning products fuelled by the COVID, SWIPE’s series of cleaning products like Blue SWIPE and Orange SWIPE has recorded significant sales volume growth. The company used to launch new product every year to enlarge market share with diversified product range, but the plan was postponed because there was higher cost driven by material shortage and stretched logistics arrangement.

SWIPE discovered new market opportunity amidst the coronavirus crisis, but in New Zealand, where the local Chinese supermarkets have been selling SWIPE products using parallel imports. So the company set up domestic sales arrangement with local business partners. It also introduced bio-degradable, organic bamboo fibre wipes from the country into its baby SWIPE product series, offering more environmental-friendly products that customers need.

SWIPE has been a GS1 Hong Kong (GS1 HK) member since 1990 and using GS1 barcode to sell online and overseas. As GS1 barcode evolves into Smart Barcode, SWIPE agrees to be onboard, aiming to connect offline and online shopping experience.


Space Solution-Turned Daily Detergent Uses Smart Barcode for Promotion


To meet with the consumer behaviours in the new retail era, SWIPE upgraded its barcode on products to Smart Barcode, a web-enabled next-generation barcode.


Smart Barcode let consumers link to official website / online point-of-sales, simply with a barcode scan, to compare price, read reviews, shop and buy, elevating product exposure.


SWIPE is enabled to connect consumers offline to online, facilitate re-purchase and sharing among consumers & their friends, with Smart Barcode.


Smart Barcode – Embracing New Retail Era


As consumers grow accustomed to scanning barcode / QR code, SWIPE upgraded all its product barcode to allow consumers to scan and re-direct to the products’ information / sales websites, tapping into consumers’ “search before purchase” shopping behaviour in hope to drive business.

Championing quality, economy and safety are all SWIPE’s philosophy. GS1’s Smart Barcode is free for members and align with today’s “search before buy” shopping behaviours, I think this simple and practical solution will help our online business growth.

Timothy Cheung, Managing Director of SWIPE

Boost Exposure & Ranking

Besides helping product listing on e-commerce platforms, Smart Barcode improves Google’s understanding of different products and boost their exposure on search engine, potentially reaching out to more targeted customers.

With this easy-to-use and cost-effective method, GS1 member merchants can raise product exposure and transparency, while letting consumers study detailed information and compare prices, adding more confidence to consumers.

Promote Repeat Purchase

Once the consumables like Blue SWIPE are used up, consumers can use the scanning function built-in most mobile apps like Taobao / HKTVmall / Amazon / Yahoo! / Google to buy the product online, simply with a scan. They can also share the accurate product information to their friends’ circle, boosting SWIPE online business.

Beyond expanding the baby SWIPE series, the company is launching dual-side microfiber towel, which can clean and absorb 3 times better than traditional terry towels providing faster wipe off with less effort. Consumables likes these are hoped to drive more users "scan and buy" and boost sales, so the company is going to update the barcodes of this series of products.

Creating seamless omni-channel, boosting product exposure and sales, connecting brands and consumers are what merchants must do today. Simply printing Smart Barcodes on the product packaging so you can already manage these tasks, it makes perfect sense for all SMEs to follow suit.

Timothy Cheung, Managing Director of SWIPE


The Benefits


Smart Barcode" helps promote and sell SWIPE’s products:

Improve online rankings, enhance product transparency and credibility

Connect offline and online, facilitate customers to repurchase and share with relatives and friends

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Smart Barcode
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

About the Company


Introduced to Hong Kong more than 50 years ago, SWIPE was built on a miracle cleaner jointly created by NASA in the US and the product developer. Known for its safety and versatility, the product is also marketed in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, besides Hong Kong.

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