Consumer Caring Scheme


The Consumer Caring Scheme is to recognise local enterprises which demonstrate excellence in consumer care through effective use of technology and practice of consumer value-related strategies with ultimate goal to lift industry's overall capabilities in delivering consumer product and service.



Brand image improvement

Hong Kong’s leading brands were among the recognised companies last year. It will be an excellent opportunity for a company to promote itself as a consumer-focused company among top-notched companies.

Media exposure

Consumer Caring Companies will be promoted on various media channels including TV, newspaper, online radio, website, and GS1 Hong Kong’s press releases and publications. 

Consumer confidence enhancement

A “Consumer Caring Company” proves itself to be a company that cares about consumers, fulfills its commitment, and focuses on service quality in different areas.  This honor will enhance consumers’ confidence in the recognised company’s product and quality.

Logo usage

Entitled company can use the logo of “Consumer Caring Company” on its promotion materials of the company and its recognised brand(s)



Consumer Caring Logo

Companies will be addressed as “Consumer Caring Companies” if they attain a passing score from both the scheme’s scorecard and the consumer survey. They will be entitled to use the “Consumer Caring” logo within marketing materials of the acknowledged product(s).

Exposure Opportunities

  • Advertorials on partnered media
  • Press Release
  • E-newsletter to GS1 Hong Kong members 
  • GS1 Hong Kong Business Connect
  • Consumer Caring Scheme website
  • Promotional materials for Consumer Caring Scheme
  • Social Media Platforms



  • Member of GS1 Hong Kong; and
  • Companies with operational records for at least one year

Judging criteria

All applications will be judged against the following 7 core values:

Keeping Promises 

Demonstrate continuous improvement in operation efficiency and fulfill commitment to delivering excellent services

Caring for Consumers

Provide consumers with the best product/ service level all the time and to exceed consumers' expectations whenever possible

Being Sincere

Interact with consumers with sincerity, giving them with the greatest confidence

Ensuring Product Quality and Safety

Apply information technology and global standards to facilitate collaboration amongst supply chain stakeholders and enhance the overall product quality and safety standards

Focusing on Service Quality

Offer timely and flexible services to consumersListening to Consumers

Proactively solicit feedback from consumers to ensure a thorough understanding of their needs and provide them with the most relevant information and choices

Caring for Employees

Provide employees with a friendly, supportive working environment and a wide range of training programs to enhance the capabilities and competencies of the staff to keep pace with the technological advancement and changing business landscape


Assessment procedure


Our program committee will verify the content on the application form.


Arrangements will be made for a designated representative/program committee member to visit the company. The intension of the visit is to access the consumer caring level of the participating company. The assessment would be made based on the indications gauged from the scheme's scorecard and the answers given by the participants to the set of scenario-based questions.

Consumer Survey

A consumer survey measuring perceptions of applications in term of quality of consumer care they provide will be conducted in parallel with the assessment.

Score Calculation

Participating companies that are judged to meet the scheme's criteria will be qualified as Consumer Caring Companies.


Endorsed companies


5 Years+ Award



5 Years Award



Award Winners (of 2 or more consecutive years)



New Awardees


5 Years+ Award



5 Years Award



Award Winners (of 2 or more consecutive years)



New Awardees


5 Years+ Award



5 Years Award



Consumer Caring 2017 Award



Concertina Set

Voice from entitled companies



















Block Quote

Application Procedures

Application for Consumer Caring Scheme 2019 has been closed. 
For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 2863 9710 or email to


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