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Consumer Caring Scheme


5 Years + Award: Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd (2011 - 2019 Awarded Company)

Vitasoy has been growing up together with Hong Kong people and focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of plant-based food and beverages for 80 years. The Company strives to promote sustainable nutrition through provision of a variety of high quality products with Nutrition, Taste and Sustainability as the guidelines for its portfolio offerings. Vitasoy cares about the social responsibility and contributes to the communities that the Company serves. Being a Consumer Caring Company for 9 consecutive years is a recognition to Vitasoy’s outstanding performance in serving customers. Participating in the Consumer Caring Scheme helps us to enhance the operating process, product and service quality, understand consumers’ needs, as well as build stronger relationship with customers.


5 Years + Award: Casablanca Hong Kong Ltd (2011 - 2019 Awarded Company)

Established since 1993 in Hong Kong, Casablanca is a leading brand of bedding products adhering to the philosophy of "contemporary designs, innovation, functions", and to provide high-quality products for diverse market segments. Share the same value “Consumer-Centric” with Consumer Caring Scheme, Casablanca successively fulfills the assessments and endorsed as a Consumer Caring Company to show our determination of enhancing product quality and customers experience for 9 consecutive years, we will continuously pursue consumer care as the top priority to create healthier and more upgraded sleep experiences for customers.

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5 Years + Award: Chuan Chiong Co Ltd (2011 - 2019 Awarded Company)

Chuan Chiong Company was found in 1931, it has been a trading and wholesale company mainly involved in proprietary Chinese medicine, food product and tea. Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd has been in continuous business relationship with Beijing Tong Ren Tang for over half a century and being the exclusive agent in Hong Kong.

With a history of over 80 years, “Chuan Chiong” is now managing nearly 400 products and has a well-established reputation. We are honored to be awarded as ‘Consumer Caring Companies’ , this award recognizes our quality of products and service excellence. “Chuan Chiong” strives to change amidst stability and will continue to make effort to deliver a brand promised with value, consistency, and dependability ----- A trustworthy brand.

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