Mainetti (HK) Limited


Nurturing New Growth with Technology Training


"We need to evolve with customer and to help them go through the days in the new retail O2O environment with our end-to-end solutions."

-- Mr. Paul Tai, Regional Director



Mainetti (HK) believes people are the main assets of a company: the business will grow if the people grow. The company has devised the GROW model: First decide the Goal; then establish the current Reality; third explore the Options; and finally maintain the Will to commit to the growth journey.

On-the-job training is an integral GROW process for Mainetti. Recognising the importance of technology in its business, Mainetti partnered with GS1 Hong Kong on a series of RFID consultation and training sessions to build the staff capacity. The trainings started in 2017, covering 7 regional offices including Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and has since expanded to European markets in the UK, Netherland and Italy in 2018.

GS1 standards used or solution(s) / service(s) applied 
  • GS1 HK Academy - Technology Application

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The trainings focused on retail / logistics technology like barcode, RFID principles and implementation, with the course materials localised and fine-tuned subject to the differences on technology adoption status, target audience (senior management / salespersons / designers), etc.

More than 150 staff have attended the training since then. Equipped with the knowledge on RFID applications, Mainetti staff are able to confidently present new ideas that are based on RFID technology to their clients, for example NEXT and Chiho Environmental, to help them streamline their supply chain management. On the other hand, Mainetti designers are inspired to embody technology in the packaging solutions that look pleasing to customers with practical functionality.


The company’s GROW culture coupled with the trainings motivate employees to embrace future technology and:

  1. Stimulate new product / solution ideas that potentially help the company yield better margin;
  2. Cultivate a life-long learning environment across the company that supports its sustainable business growth. 
About the Company

Established in 1961, Mainetti is a global provider of hangers and packaging solutions. Leveraging its successful business and vast global footprints, the company is expanding product offerings with the launch of full RFID solutions to customers, tailoring for each customer’s unique needs.