85 Local Enterprises Recognised as “Consumer Caring Companies 2021” by GS1 Hong Kong Consumer Caring Strategies as One of the Keys to Win Online & Offline Shoppers in Adversity

CCS 2021

Hong Kong, 11 May, 2022 – 85 local enterprises are recognised at GS1 Hong Kong’s 11th Consumer Caring Scheme (the Scheme) this year. Despite the depressing retail market, the award saw newcomers including retailers and e-commerce platform player. This demonstrates that consumer caring strategies play a significant role in both online and offline businesses to maintain positive brand reputation and sales growth. The award presentation ceremony will be held on 28th June 2022 at GS1 HK Solution Day. 

Since its inception, the Scheme has acknowledged over 150 consumer caring companies across multiple industries covering cosmetics, personal care & healthcare products, home appliances, food & services etc. In 2021, close to 70% of the awardees (58 companies) were recognised for 5 consecutive years or above, in which 18 of them were recognised for “10+ Years”, 30 companies for “5+ Years” and 11 companies for “5 Years”, showing their long-term commitment to service excellence. (Please refer to the Appendix for the Recognised Companies)
Participating companies are evaluated based on 4 core principles – consumer-centric, conforming to commitment, strive for quality and caring for staff, and assessed via self-assessment, interview, third-party consumer survey and field visits. In addition, the internationally acclaimed Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) that guages companies’ service and performance on consumer care was also taken into reference. 

Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong said, “Consumers have been shopping online more than ever before, 24% of Hong Kong consumers even expressed that they can live with only online stores1 . In order to sustain business growth, it’s not only crucial for companies to sell on both online and offline channels, but also to enhance shopping experience across all touchpoints. For example, many ‘Consumer Caring Companies’ have extended ‘consumer-first’ strategies online or even setup 7x24 communication platforms, enabling consumers to interact companies anytime. The great tenacity of companies in pursuing product and service excellence, along with the positive brand image reinforced by the Scheme, can ultimately help strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong brands.”

As the first e-commerce platform recognised by the Scheme, June Lam, CEO of HOME+ said, “Adhering to our belief of ‘Always Deliver More’ to consumers, HOME+ has built a shared economy platform that empowers merchants to cost-effectively reach customers on a massive scale with shared resources. For example, by leveraging the retail network of merchants as pickup points, we offer flexibility in pickup or delivery for consumers. We have also collaborated with non-profit organisations during the pandemic to support the underprivileged groups, enabling them to purchase quality food products in fair price via designated e-shopping services. We are thrilled to have received ‘Consumer Caring Company’ recognition after running our business for only 1.5 years. This not only affirms our commitment to service excellence, but also drives us to strive for better, ultimately offering exceptional e-shopping experience to consumers.”

Heralded as “Consumer Caring Company” for over 10 years, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd has been committed to implementing consumer-centric strategies. The company is the Hong Kong distributor of many well-known Chinese medicines like Beijing Tong Ren Tang medicine, as well as “Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang” (the anti-epidemic proprietary Chinese medicine), supporting Hong Kong citizens to fight against the pandemic. 

Stanley Wong, Deputy Managing Director of the company explained on the details. “Committed to safeguarding the public health, we have responded immediately once we saw the counterfeit drugs in the market by illustrating how consumers can spot the fakes. We have also set up online communication channel on Facebook to engage our consumers. Beyond that, we care about our staff, especially for tenured employees. We are grateful that the ‘Consumer Caring Scheme’ has recognised our continuous efforts throughout the years.” 

For further information, please visit our website: https://www.gs1hk.org/zh-hk/industry-recognition/consumer-caring-scheme

1Joint survey report by GS1 Hong Kong, KPMG China, and HSBC titled “Retail's Realignment: The Road Ahead for Omnichannel in the Greater Bay Area”: 

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Appendix - List of Recognised Companies of Consumer Caring Scheme
(in alphabetical order by brand or company name)

10 Years+ Award 
1 3M Hong Kong Ltd 7 Forewide Co (Retail) Ltd
2 Autotoll Limited 8 Giormani
3 Casablanca Hong Kong Ltd 9 Linson Global Seafood Trading Ltd
4 Cherry 10 Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd
5 Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd 11 Swire Coca-Cola HK
6 DCH ToolBox 12 Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd
10 Years Award
1 Colgate-Palmolive (H.K.) Ltd 4 Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd
2 Danny Catering Service Ltd 5 Nestlé Hong Kong Limited
3 Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd 6 Tiger Mark (HK) Ginsengs Co Ltd
5 Years+ Award
1 AQ Bio Technology Group Ltd 16 Nu Life International (Asia) Ltd
2 Biogem Science Technology Ltd 17 Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC
3 CATALO Natural Health Foods Ltd 18 Original Taste Workshop Ltd
4 Chan Yin Kee Co. Ltd. 19 Sinomax Health & Household Products Limited
5 Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd 20 Smartech
6 CR Care Company Limited 21 SWIPE (HK) Ltd
7 eprint Group Ltd 22 Taste of Asia Group Ltd
8 Hair Again 2000 23 The International Medical Co Ltd - Ricqles
9 Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 24 Tung Chun Soy Sauce and Canned Food Co Ltd
10 Health Aims Organic Functional Product Specialty Shop 25 Watsons Water
11 Hongkong Post 26 wishh! 
12 Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited 27 Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Company Ltd
13 Mead Johnson Nutrition (HK) Ltd 28 YesNutri
14 Memorigin Watch Co Ltd 29 You Beauty
15 Morita Biotech (HK) Ltd 30 Yummy House International Ltd
5 Years Award
1 95 INTERNATIONAL CO LTD 7 Life Science Organization New Zealand Ltd
3 Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Co Ltd 9 Pricerite Home Ltd
4 Deco Classic Limited 10 Tai Wo Tung Medicine Co Ltd
5 Hong Kong Zihua Pharmaceutical Limited 11 Worldwide Cruise Terminals (Hong Kong) Ltd
6 Lee Kum Kee Company Limited    
Award Winners (of 2 or more consecutive years)
1 ANDERSON TRADING CO. 12 Kwok Kam Kee (HK) Ltd
2 Aqua Plus Company Limited 13 New Life Support Enterprises Limited
3 Casa Republic (International) Limited 14 One Health International Limited
4 Come In Enterprises Co Ltd 15 Premier Living (Enterprises) Co., Ltd.
5 CSL Mobile Limited 16 Purepro Water Hong Kong Limited
6 DIREACH 17 Reckitt Benckiser (Hong Kong) Limited
7 DSG Energy Limited 18 Simply Satisfied International Limited
8 Green World Pharmaceutical Limited 19 YHK Design Limited
9 Imperial Enterprises Holdings Limited 20 Yick Fung Hong Cosmetic & Detergent Co., Ltd.
10 International Warwick Limited 21 Zhong An Ya (Hong Kong) Trading Ltd
11 Kopen (Hong Kong) Company Limited    
New Awardees 
1 Golden Umee International Ltd 4 Sa Sa International Holdings Limited
2 HOMEPLUS (HONG KONG) LIMITED 5 Tung Wah Moving Services Company Limited
3 Oriole Food International Ltd    


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