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Significantly Uplifting Efficiency through RFID


By adopting GS1 RFID standard and supporting services, the TCS system achieved a positive outcome, in particular with the increased number of trucks to be loaded per working day and reduced average loading time and queuing time. Furthermore, real time data can be collected so that management can react instantly in terms of decision making.

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Project Background

Since 2012, Swire Coca-Cola HK has started to implement RFID on trucks and parking areas to improve the efficiency of its distribution operations and to optimise the use of its existing vehicle fleet and loading facilities. GSl Hong Kong was appointed the Project Advisor / Manager to manage and audit the project implementation, and to liaise and coordinate with vend ors .

Upon the completion of 2012's implementation, the company noticed that the average number of trucks loaded per working day and loading bay utilisation has increased by 8-10%, while average loading time and queuing time decreased by 13-14%. In 2016, Swire Coca-Cola HK would like to extend the RFID usage to other areas and enhance its application to expedite the truck traffic flow.

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Hence, GSl Hong Kong was appointed the Project Manager for RFID Traffic Control System and RFID Queuing System to implement RFID on waiting areas and was responsible for the entire project management. Our role includes:

  • Managed and audited the project implementation and coordinated with vendors
  • Conducted all necessary quality assurance procedures on all deliverables
  • Participated in and assessed all processes and solutions during consultation phases
  • Assisted application for training subsidy from the Government

Swire Coca-Cola HK acquired international best practices recommendations including a structured approach and practical methodology for project implementation. The supply chain standards successfully offered the company insights and suggestions on the best practices to build a project portfolio for improvement.


With the help of GSl HK, the extended usage of RFID in the supply chain helped Swire Coca-Cola HK achieve the following benefits:

  1. Increased operation efficiency by improving distribution efficiency, speed and minimising waiting time
  2. Further improved truck and loading utilisation
  3. Enhanced trucker management and queuing experience
About the Company

Swire Coca-Cola HK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swire Beverages Limited. As the leading soft drink manufacturer in Hong Kong, it employs nearly 1,200 staff, operates 16 production lines, and produces more than 64 million unit cases annually.

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