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Firming up a Sleek and High-performing O2O Marketing Strategy


“GS1 Hong Kong’s Smart Kiosk brings our customers a whole new experience by connecting online and offline sales platforms and leveling up the customers journey we offer at physical stores. On top of that, it also works to help gauge market interest and provides insights into customers behavior. With these, we have joined the league of smart retailers and are embarking on a new phase of business growth.”

Sonia Lam, Product Director



La Raine Organic & Natural Skincare has been tapping into the lucrative Hong Kong market since 2016 , as its Canadian made products started landing on the shelves of various local retail chain stores and online shops including Citistore, XPlus@LCX, HKTVMall, Big Big Shop.

At the moment, La Raine’s sales revenue are contributed one-third by online channels and two-third by physical stores. It gathers valuable customers data from its direct online stores, but is kept in the dark from data generated at the brick-and-mortar stores.  95 International, the parent company of La Raine, is keen on leveraging the latest retail technology to identify the customers group that are attracted to their products. Information such as customer profile, their preference and needs are crucial for drawing up better marketing strategy and enhancing the shopping experience.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Smart Retail

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Firming up a Sleek and High-performing O2O Marketing Strategy


La Raine decided to adopt a new product display and data analytics solution - the Smart Kiosk - provided by GS1 Hong Kong for its first presence in the Eslite housed by Taikoo Shing shopping mall, in mid 2019. Whenever a customer picks up a product from the Smart Kiosk, its sensors will be triggered to display products details such as ingredients, discount offers etc., or even play a promotional video instantaneously on its screen. Coming along with that, is a social media sharing function allowing customers to post on their social network, which in turn facilitates a more interactive shopping experience and stimulates sales.

Contents displayed on the Smart Kisok can be customised and personalised, and also be automated to display recommended promotion to its target customer group to increase the chances of product sale-through and also customer ticket size.

Other data collections tools, such as the digital camera installed to the Smart Kiosk help La Raine capture basic customer information including their gender and estimated age, whereas RFID labels on its products help collect information such as how frequent the product is being picked up. All of these are useful information for marketing and operation planning.

Smart Kiosk is comprised of latest technologies including IoT (e.g. RFID and video analytics) and AI (e.g. data analytics and predictive analysis) that gears up La Raine for integrating its online and offline services, bringing 95 International to the forefront of the smart retailers’ league with data-driven business strategies.

  1. Expands online and offline sales channels to fulfil the needs of the new generation of customers
  2. Creates versatile and interactive shopping experience that projects an image of modern lifestyle associated with the company
  3. Builds up customers confidence by providing instant products information
  4. Empowers the company with better decision makings based on the general profile and behavioral patterns of its customer group 
About the Company

Established in 1996, 95 International Limited manages four retail stores, offering authentic, natural, organic and high-performance skincare products of Canadian origin. It aims to help its customer perverse beauty by rejuvenating, firming up and brightening up their skins. 

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