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Min Hong Food Supports Liquidity using Digital Trade Financing




Min Hong started its handmade satay sauce business over 60 years ago, supplying to the Chiu Chow eateries in Sheung Wan. Its client portfolio expanded to cover Chinese restaurants, grocery stores, and later acts as OEM for other brands. Machineries were used in the early days to automate processes like packaging, and the production soared as the company created bottle-shaped chili oil pack, which has been well-received by Cha chaan teng (HK-style diner). The company produced over thousands of kilograms of food and condiments daily, selling to major chains like 7-11, Bridal Tea House Hotel, etc.

Min Hong is fortunate enough to maintain around HK$20 million revenue a year during the pandemic, as the contracted dine-in business has been offset by the flourishing takeaway income. In a bid to boost trading efficiency, the company adopted GS1 HK barcode and ezTRADE platform in 1996 and 2008 respectively, upon which a considerable amount of trade dealings is made.

Relying on a single bank to handle the cash-flow in-and-out, Min Hong rarely needs financing, yet the Digital Trade Financing solution launched by GS1 HK and DBS caught the attention of the company.


Handy Money for SME’s Expansion and Liquidity using Digital Trade Financing


As Min Hong business grows, cash flow for daily operation and new production line are essential to better meet the market demands.


The company applied “Digital Trade Financing” and gave consent to the bank to review the trusted trade data on ezTRADE for credit assessment, which was approved quickly.


Hassle free with minimal paper documents, flexible with favorable terms, capital come in handy as needed, are the key reasons why Min Hong applied for the facility.

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Min Hong Foods Turn Data into Capital


Digital Trade Financing – Saves Time & Trouble


Min Hong person-in-charge described the solution “convenient, flexible, with great terms”. The credit line applied serves as working capital for daily operation, and funding for production line expansion. Making use of Min Hong’s trade data on ezTRADE platform, the solution saves the manual processing of hundreds of invoices and documents proof per month, by using electronic data for credit assessment.

Min Hong has a strong balance sheet and a solid business foundation. When the bank offered Digital Trade Finance solution which doesn’t need me to submit tons of documents or collateral, but just my consent to use the electronic transaction records, I was sold. It’s simple like a flick of finger.

Sam Chan, Person-in-Charge of Min Hong



Easy and Fast

Min Hong needs only to submit the financing application form and consent form, the authorised bank can then review the company’s electronic transaction data with automated processes using the bank’s connected system, where minimal paper documents are involved that ensure accuracy, speed and simple procedures.

Flexible Financing

Business transactions for SMEs in fast-moving-consumer-goods sector like Min Hong usually involves a large number of invoices but with small value per invoice. Banks may decline the financing for such companies as they find it too time-consuming to process, or require property / stocks as collateral.

The Digital Trade Financing solution enables the bank to harness the trusted historical data on ezTRADE platform to make credit assessment, and the real-time trade data to calculate latest outstanding invoice amount and predict its financial health, through the bank’s predictive analytics capabilities.

The amount of financing that Min Hong can enjoy is updated on a dynamic and recurring basis so to minimize over-borrowing risks, while assuring the bank’s adherence to robust governance with prudent process, creating a win-win for both parties.

Better Terms

The highly-trusted data, combined with the automated assessment of digital records and the on-going monitoring of the company’s business status, helped the bank require less manpower and resources. The bank can thus offer attractive credit terms like better interest rate and repayment schedule, helping Min Hong save cost.

The approval was speedy and the financing terms are great, giving me leeway to withdraw the capital as needed. It is useful and flexible, so I’d encourage other SMEs to consider.

Sam Chan, Person-in-Charge of Min Hong




Min Hong enjoys simple financing with “Digital Trade Financing” solution:

Free from trouble by ensuring limited document submission

Benefit from good financing terms and use only as needed

Hold dynamic credit line according to latest data that minimise risk

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • GS1 HK Digital Trade Finance solution
  • ezTRADE
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

About the Company


Found in the 50s, Min Hong Food has built up a portfolio of about 10 products, including satay sauce, chili oil, XO sauce, fried garlic, faux shark’s fin soup, etc. Celebrated among Chiu Chow eateries, many Chinese restaurants, HK-style diners, grocery stores become its client, ordering thousand kilograms of food and condiments every day.