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Gearing Up for Business 4.0


“The Certification Course and Quality Food Scheme inspire our team to continuously improve our food safety processes and drive digitalisation across the board. These help us meet our customers’ expectation on one hand, while realise our food safety requirements on the other.”

Mr. Patrick Tong, General Manager


Hong Kong’s cuisine culture has been characterized by a great variety of Eastern and Western flavours, thanks to its globalised food supply chain. In the meantime, concerns on food hygiene, quality management and traceability are growing as well, therefore food suppliers are taking a more serious interest in the technology development in areas like food inspection and quality monitoring. As the major importer of chilled poultry in Hong Kong and Macau, Tong Shun Hing is supplying ten millions of poultry for more than 1,000 clients, partners and its 10 siu mei restaurants every year, covering all the locations in Hong Kong. To address today’s market demands, the company is no doubt looking to evolve to go digital and go smart on management.


Tong Shun Hing has been using GS1 Hong Kong’s EDI-based B2B e-commerce platform ezTRADETM years ago, to enhance efficiency for handling orders and managing inventory. Committed to staying ahead of the curve on food tech, the company joined GS1 Hong Kong’s Supply Chain 4.0 Certification Course to understand how innovative technologies like IoT, video tracking, data analytics can boost food safety, food management and traceability, at the same time streamline the operations.

More than 10 senior executives joined the 2-day course. Using a “theory + implementation + strategy” approach, combined with success stories and experience on digitalisation, the course hammers home the latest supply chain standards, food tech and market trends, enabling the company to a faster, more flexible, more granular, more accurate and more efficient management and operation.

Tong Shun Hing is also recognised as the Diamond Enterprise in the Quality Food Scheme 2020 (formerly known as Quality Food Traceability Scheme). The Scheme assessed a company traceability system and execution by experts, mainly evaluated in accordance with GS1 Global Traceability Standards (GTS) and Efficient Consumer Response (ECR). Resulted in flying colours, Tong Shun Hing has decided to act upon the improvement areas recommended in the audit report to cultivate a “pursuit for quality” culture and raise its food safety level, in hope to increase customer confidence and loyalty.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

• GS1 HK Academy: Supply Chain Management
• Quality Food Scheme

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By participating in Supply Chain 4.0 Certification Course and Quality Food Scheme, Tong Shun Hing enjoys:
1. Gaining the most updated food safety, management and traceability knowledge and technique;
2. Addressing the market demand and regulatory compliance by understanding the benefits and execution plan of digitalisation;
3. Reinforcing customers’ trust and refining marketing outcome.

About the Company

As the major importer of chilled poultry in Hong Kong and Macau, Tong Shun Hing Poultry (HK) Co. Ltd. has engaged in the import and wholesale business of frozen poultry for the catering and food distribution sectors for more than 25 years.

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