A World’s Leading Retail Group Manages Global Suppliers Easily with Supplier Portal


Global Retail Group Seamlessly Connects with Worldwide Suppliers


The retail giant has been growing globally in scale, with more than 15,000 retail stores around the world. Carrying a wide selection of world-renowned brands, the group has been enhancing its supply chain and logistics management by better handling its supplier’s product information and ensuring data integrity to support growth.

The conglomerate was looking for a system to manage thousands of suppliers from different global locations. The solution needs to smoothly integrate into its current ERP system, while scalable enough to cope with future expansion.


After running through a comprehensive evaluation, the global retailer decided to adopt GS1 Hong Kong’s Supplier Portal, a web-based collaboration tool designed to streamline supplier communication, transactions and processes, while ensuring corporate compliance requirements by preserving data integrity.

An electronic appliance and gadget retail brand under the group began using the Supplier Portal first, which has since extended to the brand’s Asia Pacific offices, facilitating global procurement and communication processes. Currently the corporation is using the Portal to manage 3,000+ suppliers across Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand with plan to include 1,000 Indonesian suppliers in 2022.

The Portal supports multiple user roles from internal to external parties for the retailer, effectively bridging the gap to consolidate the e-commerce ordering and the item delivery process. This helps accelerate the order fulfillment process and uphold the company’s service pledge to its customers.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the Portal allows the suppliers to transmit single / batch upload of product information efficiently. Suppliers can easily check the item data submission approval flow and status, simplifying trade partners’ communication around the clock.


The multi-functions and scalability of Supplier Portal supported the retail group in the following aspects:

  • Save a significant amount of man-hour, allowing staff to focus on revenue-driven activities;
  • Connect various stakeholders along the supply chain seamlessly, enjoy a speedy communication and foster closer bond with trading partners;
  • Optimise data management by improving reliability and efficiency of information exchange.
About Company

As one of the world’s largest retail group, it has a century’s old heritage and a range of retail brands from electric appliances & gadgets, health & beauty, cosmetics & perfumeries, food, beverages and fine wine, with strong international network and O+O (offline + online) platforms for customer connectivity.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • GS1 HK Supplier Portal