Item Level Tagging

Enhancing inventory visibility through EPC RFID Item Level Tagging

There is an increasing demand across industries for more accurate forecasts of inventory trends, efficient collaboration with global trading partners and improvements to inventory management and accuracy. More industry players have turned to RFID item-level tagging (ILT) based on Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards, to effectively enable supply chain visibility, in-store inventory management and consumer journey analytics.

Despite the exponential increase in EPC-based RFID ILT programmes in the United States and Europe since 2011, most suppliers from Hong Kong and the Asian region are still new to this emerging technology.

In 2011, GS1 Hong Kong launched an RFID ILT Supplier Support Programme to support apparel suppliers from Hong Kong and China with the expertise and tools they need to comply with EPC standards from source to store. The objective is to enable industry players to provide faster delivery, better customer services and minimize out-of-stock situations and markdowns, all of which will help them to meet consumers' expectations and realize higher profitability.


  • Bridge suppliers' and buyers' requirements by providing standard implementation guidelines and enablement training in the deployment of item-level RFID tagging, from EPC coding, serialisation to tag verification and placement

  • Provide suppliers a list of ILT certified vendors to source RFID tags, readers and other related solutions

  • Increase supply chain visibility and proof of delivery to enhance inventory accuracy

  • Empower retailers to leverage the item-level RFID tagged items to enable real-time consumer journey analytics

According to studies conducted by the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center in the United States, such technology will help enterprises:

  • Increase inventory accuracy from 63% to 95%

  • Reduce inventory cycle counting time by 96%

  • Increase inventory count rate from 2,00 to 12,000+ Items per hour

  • Reduce time used for product location by 18%

  • Reduce out-of-stock (OOS) rate at retail up to 50%

  • Increase item availability at retail from 2% to 20% to boost sales

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