Diamond Restaurant

Diamond Restaurant Uses Smart Barcode for Brand Exposure & Traffic


Gaining Free Traffic and Exposure with Smart Barcode


Once a popular “yum-cha” location adorned with classic exquisite décor, Diamond Restaurant is now dedicated to bringing premium Chinese food ingredients sourced around the world to Hong Kong market. Besides Australian seafood like wild Tasmanian abalones, the food company also procures dried seafood from New Zealand and South Africa, purchases aged tangerine peels from Xinhui, produces abalone in braised sauce in Taiwan as well as hand-made naturally sun dried egg noodles in mainland China.

Available in physical or digital stores such as city’super, Pricerite, Wing On, Yue Hwa and Ztore, the brand promotes its products by creating and sharing new recipes, and setting up pop-up stores. Intending to enhance market penetration, the company regularly looks for cost-effective ways to strengthen its product exposure.


Diamond Restaurant became GS1 HK member since 2017, mainly for meeting the on-shelf requirements by most local retail chains. As online shopping took off since the onset of the pandemic, the company learnt that barcode has transformed that can bridge online and offline channels, and hence determined to take full advantage of it.

Besides helping product listing on e-commerce platforms, smart barcode, the next generation of barcode, improves Google’s understanding of different products and boost their exposure on search engine, potentially reaching out to more targeted customers. With the company’s foods product information uploaded onto GS1 HK’s BarcodePlus, a trusted product information portal, it allows consumers to easily scan barcode with mobile phone and be directed to online sales outlets or GS1 HK Product Website (wall.gs1.hk), growing traffic and possibly transaction.

The brand finds smart barcode a crucial tool to enhance digital promotion efforts, enabling the company to develop O+O retail and supporting a seamless customer journey. To amplify its online propaganda, Diamond Restaurant also joined GS1 HK BARzaar to publicize its offers to thousands of GS1 HK members and friends.


Smart Barcode, the next generation of barcode, along with GS1 HK’s members service help:

  • Enhance online awareness and trust for the products and brand with trusted source of data
  • Boost traffic to designated online site for free, and thus potential sales opportunity
“I’m pleased to know GS1 barcode is evolving to help business explore omni-channel markets and increase products exposure. Just like Diamond Restaurant which built on quality, innovations and relevance to our customers, I look forward to more exciting new functions from GS1 HK.”
Andrew Leung, Director

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Smart Barcode
  • BarcodePlus
  • GS1 HK Product Website
  • GS1 HK BARzaar
About Company

Founded in 1947, Diamond Restaurant was once a famous “yum cha” destination for Hongkongers, now morphing into a gourmet brand carrying a history of quality and fond memories.