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The pandemic has given rise to many small businesses and new brands, predominantly in the personal care and household cleaning market. Recognising the rising demands for hygiene, the current leader of Kwok Kam Kee partners with industry expert to set up new brand “Hays Bio-Tech”. Featuring high price-performance ratio, plant-based ingredients and made-in-Hong-Kong, Hays is launching 5 household cleaning products, including detergent, laundry liquid, kitchen and floor cleaning spray, etc, expecting availability by end 2021.

Riding on the established retail network of Kwok Kam Kee, the new brand will be introduced to the market via existing sales channels such as major supermarkets, as well as HKTVMall and owned e-shop.

“As QR scanning with mobile phone is prevailing, we are of course taking the first-mover advantage as a new firm using new tech. With GS1 HK’s Smart QR, customers can easily scan for information, increasing interactions and chance of repeat purchase, meanwhile letting us assess the scan data and gain market insight. This is a simple and effective tool for SMEs indeed.”
Martin Kwok
Martin Kwok,
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Hays Bio-Tech uses QR code to increase interaction + repeat shopping

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Knowing that GS1 barcode is the first step to “Go Digital”, the company has it printed on the new product packages to help listing in physical and online stores. To bring better shopping experience, GS1 HK’s Smart QR is also applied on the new items to offer different promotions with the same QR at different times in future, bringing traffic to the online store and increasing sales. 

Without redesigning the package, Hays can update the QR code-linked information at the backend system, enabling consumers to scan the code and link to the brand’s website / GS1 HK Product Website (wall.gs1.hk) for trusted useful product information like instructions for use, detail ingredients and more; at the same time scanning for latest discount or promotional video that can be shared on social media platforms, which incentivise purchase, foster interaction and viral effect. With the scan data, the company can gauge the effectiveness of the promotions, understanding consumption pattern and creating more impactful campaign. 

Free for GS1 HK members, the Smart QR are automatically generated on BarcodePlus product information platform when creating barcode. Hays hopes to apply the same onto the personal care and cosmetics products of its next phase of development. 

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

Hays Bio-Tech uses GS1 HK Smart QR to:

  • Use the same QR code on the same packaging to show different offers at different times
  • Drive organic traffic to e-shops for free
  • Track & measure promotional campaign performance
About Company

As a new brand featuring natural ingredients, Hays Bio-Tech plant-based cleaning products are made with natural enzyme, ensuring no harmful residues on items. The brand name represents the founder's gratitude to his family for years of continued support and care.