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Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant Drives Spending using Digital Coupon




Carrying the legacy of Shanghai cuisine, Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant offers traditional dishes like sautéed shrimp, fried bean curd with ham, braised pork belly, and regularly makes seasonal variations to create new dishes that embody the all-encompassing style that Shanghai foods hold. Ranked in the top 3% among the 2,900 Chinese restaurants on an international travel platform, the restaurant has proved it reputation.

Besides promoting hairy crab dine-in set during fall/winter season, Wu Kong is launching a “crab meat noodle for 2” box set, freshly made every day for those who enjoys Shanghai gourmet but susceptible to the pandemic situation. To facilitate online purchase and redemption, as well as luring consumers of all ages, the restaurant is considering digital coupon for better sales and marketing results.


Drive Spending and Gauge Effectiveness of New Box Set using Digital Coupon


Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant launches new crab meat noodle box set to expand takeaway market and lure online consumers, hoping to diversify its business.


GS1 HK’s digital coupon solution is selected to stimulate sales, because consumers can easily download coupon and share to friends.


While facilitating customers’ purchase, the outlet saves a lot of time and money in creating coupon, also tracking the coupon effectiveness with ease.


Digital Coupon – Make Buying Easy


Cutting the price from HK$460 to HK$390 for the box set, Wu Kong decided to use GS1 HK digital coupon solution, so that customers can input simple data to get coupon and drive up their purchase intention.

"The management understands changes are needed so that we can benefit from online shopping and takeaway trends, and diversify our business. The cost-effective digital coupon can help increase sales quickly, also demonstrate our resolution towards digitalization."

Robert Tsai Chuen Sui, Managing Director of Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant

5 Steps to Effective Coupon Campaign

With 5 simple steps, restaurant manager can launch the coupon campaign and monitor effectiveness quickly:

  1. Coupon Creation: Login the Digital Coupon Web Portal or app to create campaign name, redemption methods and locations, etc. anytime, anywhere;
  2. Coupon Distribution: Distribute coupons across multiple channels including web, email, social media, instant messaging and print;
  3. Coupon Claim & Share: Consumers enter email or phone no. to claim the coupon, save it to mobile wallet, or share via social media;
  4. Coupon Redemption: Consumers redeem coupons at specific locations. Coupons will be validated by an App.
  5. Campaign Monitoring & Reporting: Merchants to monitor campaign status and measure effectiveness on the platform, with data report on the amount of coupon scans, downloads and redemption, etc.


Support Sales & Management

Enabling online and offline distribution, the solution facilitates consumers to receive, download, use and forward to others, amplifying the publicity effects and purchase potentials. Instead of printing and handling paper coupons, the restaurant enjoys a lot of time and money savings in digital coupon, reducing its carbon footprint. Wu Kong also knows the number of coupon distributed anytime anywhere, so it can update the campaign as needed.

Employees will help upsell to dine-in patron at the dining outlet. Other promotion tools like electronic direct mail and flyers will be used as well, hoping to accelerate its takeaway business development.

The digital coupon solution is easy to use and to track the number of people interested in the campaign, so we can estimate the ingredients and box set needed. I believe it is helpful not only to sales but also our operations.

Robert Tsai Chuen Sui, Managing Director of Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant




Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant expects the digital coupon solution will strengthen its sales & marketing:

Distribute the coupon easily across channels, helping to unlock new markets and potential consumers

Customers can enjoy discounts easily and boost sales;

Reduce the risk of receiving fake coupon

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • GS1 HK’s Digital Coupon solution

About the Company


Found in 1984, Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant absorbs the best of traditional Shanghainese cuisine, using the best ingredients to produce dishes with unique Shanghai-style cooking, and make improvements to suit the local taste. The exquisitely adorned restaurant aims to provide patrons with a comfortable and relaxing dining environment.

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