Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd.


Doing More with Less Using Smart Operations

“The digital transformation process has been tough but totally worth it, we gained much efficiency and made a lot of savings. We believe Smart Operations will take us even further and turn us into a modern, smart manufacturing plant, which not only revitalise our production, but also lead us into the future era of Industry 4.0.” 
Mr. Jeff Law, Managing Director

Following the advice from GS1 Hong Kong Smart Professional Service (SPS) team, Sun Fat Heung has gone through a painstaking and necessary transformation and process re-engineering to automate and streamline its supply chain. The company realised a fundamental uplift of operation efficiency, and profound savings in administrative cost and manpower. As business grows, they want to further strengthen their competitive edge and enhance brand image, by ensuring better product quality and compliance level.

The company understands it is necessary to deepen the digital transformation for the upcoming technological era. They aim to turn into a data-driven operation to make smarter business decisions faster, and accelerate company profits and growth, ultimately joining the league of the pioneering industry 4.0 corporations in Hong Kong.


The SPS team introduced Smart Operations to Sun Fat Heung and assisted its adoption with multiple applications along the production line. In a Smart Operations environment, people, processes and things (e.g. product / machinery) are connected for the production of physical goods and maintenance of assets using IoT technologies, thus data intelligence can be captured to help company gain real-time actionable insights.

Sun Fat Heung is using video analytics and artificial intelligence applications to capture production data, for example checking if expiry dates are clearly stamped on the bottle cap, or counting the number of different products manufactured, in order to automate product validation, SKU identification and ensure quality output. The processes were used to be done by staff manually which was inefficient and sometimes produced inaccurate results, but now has improved significantly.

Smart sensor is installed in the production area in order to capture environmental index like temperature, humidity, air quality and noise, to safeguard product quality and occupational health. Such information helps management to establish benchmark and take proactive action, for instance when high temperature is detected in the beverage storage, staff is alarmed to go check at once rather than afterwards, which ensures product quality and minimizes product loss.

To enable users to have a real-time snapshot of the current business operations, GS1 Hong Kong’s SPS team designed an all-in-one dashboard, visually tracks and displays the key process performance, discrepancy and environmental data points on the go, helping the company to better analyse and proactively act before issues arise to achieve operational excellence. Satisfied with the outcomes, Sun Fat Heung is planning to expand the applications to other warehouses operations promising consistency across the company.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

•  GS1 Hong Kong Smart Professional Services
•  Smart Operations solution

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GS1 Hong Kong’s Smart Operations transform Sun Fat Heung business in terms of:
1.  Improving product compliance by automatic video analytics and AI technologies;
2.  Enhancing product quality by imposing various types of controls like abnormal situation alert;
3.  Enhancing operation visibility to allow real-time updates anywhere, anytime using dashboard.

About the Company

Founded in 1958, Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd. has been focusing on the soy industry in Hong Kong for more than 60 years. Branded Top Soya in the market, the company is committed to producing high quality soy products and insists on local daily production to ensure fresh products for consumers every day.